tawny owl

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reddish-brown European owl having a round head with black eyes

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But with warmer winters, more brown owls have survived and passed on their genes, boosting their numbers (below), source: rkarelletai/naturecomm.
Of particular interest is the way Cambell reveals the relevance of The Brown Owl to Ford's life and ties it to contemporary Victorian life and politics, for instance the role of Merrymineral, whose name is transmogrified to Gladstone, and the looming presence of Queen Victoria.
Perhaps I can bribe Brown Owl to withhold the badges until they have?
These words brought a visceral image of the brown owl,
That is, they will be if the chain, developers and local environmentalists come to terms on whether diesel emissions will impact a little brown owl that makes this area its home.
She turns to this personal anecdote of Brown Owl, to whom she offered her first writing as a child, to argue that there is always a "Dear Reader," or an "ideal reader," someone to whom the writing is addressed--"any one at all--because the act of reading is just as singular--always--as the act of writing" (151).
Brown Owl Zena Latcham said: 'Because the Princess was the president of the Girl Guides Association, we just thought it would be nice to come here.
POWYS: An evening Brown Owl bus service as been started between Builth Wells, Llandrindod Wells, Rhayader and rural villages, with wheelchair accessible buses and a free pass intro - ductory offer.
A very small tame brown owl with yellow eyes, this bird gets its name from one of its calls that sounds similar to a saw being sharpened.
Betty, who loved to knit, sew and bake, had many interests throughout her life, including the Brownies, where she was Brown Owl of the Fairfield pack and then District Commissioner.
Brown Owl Mrs Kathleen Charlesworth said goodbye to the 3rd (Kirkburton West) Lepton Methodist Brownies bath and a basket of flowers from the 24 pack members.
The group, run by Brown Owl Barbara Speakman and Tawny Owl Gillian Hunt, can have a maximum of 24 members.
She also served as Brown Owl for the church's Brownies group, the Trefoil Guild, for 31 years.
1983: Brown Owl Yasmin Jaffa, from Hall Green, with Clare Goodwin, 10, from Handsworth Wood and Nichola Biddle from Sutton Coldfield