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My guide and I decided our stand was too close to the trail the brown bears were using to approach the bait.
A BROWN bear trapped in its cage stands on hind legs to avoid drowning in rising floodwater.
uk or call 01252 884 723 Hay making at the Lentiira Village Fair and one of the beautiful brown bears that came out of the forest
In January 2011, the governmental National Brown Bear Commission decided that 17 out of a total of 550 brown bears in Bulgaria will be hunted down throughout the year; the precise number of brown bears in the country, however, remains disputed.
Kamchatka's brown bears delight in the healing qualities of the natural thermal baths, volcanic mud and hot springs and can often be seen taking a dip.
Pope and Young President Jim Willems was recently hunting brown bears on Afognak Island.
Judges at the awards which attracted 435 entries, picked out three of Steve's pictures - showing brown bears and a swooping eagle - to make the shortlist in the competition's Worldwide Wildlife category.
The analysis includes the analysis of tissue samples from dead bears in the Scandinavian population of brown bears.
htm) Katmai National Park and Preserve has set up five live streams that capture the daily lives of eight brown bears in Alaska.
Scientists have long struggled to understand the exact nature of the evolutionary relationship between brown bears and their arctic descendants.
Bulgaria's Parliament banned Friday the hunting of brown bears that was lifted two years ago following the death of a man.
So although polar bears and brown bears separated long ago, they seem to get together every so often for a fling--perhaps when the weather warms, sending polar bears southward and brown bears northward.
Research published on Thursday found the Arctic's top predators split off from brown bears, their closest relatives, around 600,000 years ago - five times earlier than scientists had generally assumed.
Brown bears are easily distinguished from other bears by their large size; broad, flat skull; immense forward shoulder hump; and long, curved claws.