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a university in Rhode Island

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A spokesperson for Brown University confirmed that Watson is set to attend the graduation ceremony which will be held on May 25.
The Microsoft Student Advantage is an incredible opportunity for all students to gain access to the Office programs, said Sazzy Gourley, student at Brown University.
Memorial donations can be sent to Care Net Pregnancy Center of NECT, PO Box 449, Danielson, CT 06239, or Brown University Sports Foundation, c/o Brown University, Office of Development, PO Box 1893, Providence, RI 02912.
The Brown University Digest of Addiction Theory and Application,
Her list of clients includes such organizations as the Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association of American, Brown University and Octagon Credit Investors.
Professor of Medicine and Community Health and Founding Director of the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University
Four institutions typify the process: Brown University, Colby College, University of Chicago, and University of Richmond.
He was director of public engagement at the Annenberg Institute at Brown University from 1996 to 1999.
Political Prisoners on War, Dissent, and Social Justice," which was held at Brown University.
Our listing of the Top 50 Colleges for African Americans in the January 2003 issue of BE contained incorrect enrollment figures for Wellesley College, Brown University, and Johnson C.
According to John Donoghue, senior author of the paper, Chief Scientific Officer of Cyberkinetics, Professor and Director of the Brain Science Program at Brown University, "We now have direct, compelling evidence that the area of the brain that controls movement remains functional even years after a spinal cord injury in the absence of a neural connection from the brain to the limbs.
This month however, Brown University hosts the fourth annual Digital Arts Conference (DAC), an international gathering of academics and critics who will share their ideas on what is in face a growing discipline.
rex bite has the weight of a pickup truck behind each tooth" says Gregory Erickson, zoologist (animal scientist) at Brown University in Rhode Island.
Now, with more than 200 research articles to his name, he serves as a professor of medicine and community health at Brown University, director of the Brown University AIDS Program, medical research director at Fenway Community Health Center, and principal investigator for the New England site of the HIV Network for Prevention Trials, which supports an HIV Vaccine Preparedness Study and other research and trials.
In 1975, only 11 percent of women at Brown University in Providence, R.