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a member of the Nazi SA which wore brown uniforms

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Five brown shirts, high boots laced over brown pants, Nazi flags pinned on brown caps, swastika armbands in red white and black.
But I when I put on that wretched brown shirt and looked in the mirror, it was a very chilling moment.
For now though, this brown shirt answers his country's call to arms with pride.
ARSENAL are facing uproar among their supporters over plans to axe their traditional yellow away kit in favour of a new brown shirt.
In his brilliant obituary of one Sandor Needleman (a fictionalized version of Martin Heidegger), Woody Allen writes, "He was charmed by the National Socialist's philosophy of power, or as Needleman put it, 'I have the kind of eyes that are set off by a brown shirt.
On stage an Elvis impersonator in a tight brown shirt complete with running stallion print warms-up the crowds with a Las Vegas rendition of Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry and New Order's Love Will Tear Us Apart .
He wore a shaggy borsalino hat, a rough gray sports coat with white golf balls on it for buttons, a brown shirt, a yellow tie, pleated gray flannel slacks and alligator shoes with white explosions on the toes.
My mouse phase years past, everything mouse brown, brown boots, brown skirt, brown shirt, brown hat, brown coat, brown scarf.
The Dove commercial draw backlash after it featured a black woman taking off her brown shirt and revealing a white woman wearing a beige shirt underneath.
For a quick Groot costume, wear a brown shirt and brown pants.
She was last seen wearing turquoise colored pants and a brown shirt.
And her expensive legal and PR team will have advised her that brown bobbed hair, brown shirt, and specs is a far better look in trying to persuade the public you are innocent than the scarlet lipstick and plunging neckline look of her Daybreak appearance.
The WAG dressed in a chic but dressed-down style with a pair of stud embellished boots, a brown shirt and a cream mac coat.
One was white, in his early twenties, 5ft 7in tall, with a shaven head and wearing a black or brown shirt.
As for Mr Leverett harping on about teenage pregnancies and the war, history has taught us that the old brown shirt and jack boots is really not a good look