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Synonyms for broomstick

the handle of a broom

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Somebody is going to touch you, with a broomstick, if you don't stop snivelling.
And Hannibal, snarling, growling, and spitting, ducking his head and with short paw-strokes trying to ward off the insistent broomstick, backed obediently into the corner, crumpled up his hind-parts, and tried to withdraw his corporeal body within itself in a pain-urged effort to make it smaller.
And Hannibal, the largest lion in captivity, with all his teeth, captured out of the jungle after he was full-grown, a veritable king of beasts, before the menacing broomstick in the hand of a sliver of a man, backed deeper and more crumpled together into the corner.
They were scarcely started a fifth of the way of the distance, when the waiting broomstick rapped on his nose and made him sink it in the floor under his chest and cover it again with his paws.
And the great lion lay and roared in helplessness, and at each prod exposed his nose more and lifted it higher, until, at the end, his red tongue ran out between his fangs and licked the boot resting none too gently on his neck, and, after that, licked the broomstick that had administered all the punishment.
A BROOMSTICK which had long served a witch as a steed complained of the nature of its employment, which it thought degrading.
said the Broomstick, "do you consider the hands of a housewife intellectual?
In vulgar phrase, she had taken up the broomstick, and was just about to sally from the kitchen, when Jones accosted her with a demand of a gown and other vestments, to cover the half-naked woman upstairs.
An honest woman is no better in his eyes than one of your broomstick jumpers.
An old woman who seems to have been flying into town on a broomstick, every now and then.
The witch's cats love their broomsticks The witches love flying with them too And if we fly on butterfly brooms Then the poor black cats will end up doomed
Activities will include being taught how to write spells, make potions and get just the right look with capes and broomsticks.
Tenders are invited for Brooms Made From Ribs Of Coconut Leaves Having Broomsticks Which Are Clean, Dry And Free From Decay And Discolouration.
Family-friendly fare - including Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins and Oliver