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a borough of New York City

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The Manhattanite has learned to convert wariness into a muscle, which twitches unhappily when not stimulated; the Brooklynite has adapted to greater quantities of boredom and is consequently less afraid of it.
Brooklynite Joe Moss, served in an artillery unit that defeated Egyptian tank units in the battles for the Negev.
Nobody's going to quibble with Scott Caan as a preening Brooklynite named Carmine, or even with "Entourage's" Jerry Ferrara as Carmine's cheapskate boyhood friend, Bobby.
A few picky annoyances: early on, De Haven has Willie and Clark emerging from Central Park and coming to Grand Army Plaza--now, any Brooklynite, like myself, knows that Grand Army Plaza is in Brooklyn just outside Prospect Park, while Central Park is in Manhattan.
I am delighted for my beloved friend, and even more for the current recipients of this precious accolade: third-year day student Kyle Vaughn, a Brooklynite and 2004 graduate of the University of Rochester with a Political Science major; second-year day student Raya Salter-Moore of Westchester County, who is a 1994 graduate of Wesleyan College, and married with a daughter; and first-year evening student Beth Scott, a Long Islander and 2005 graduate of Yale University with an English major.
Christian Gibbs, a former Brooklynite now living in Houston, remembers a childhood where he was routinely insulted as a "coconut" because his parents were Guyanese.
Williams was a 20-year-old, Black Brooklynite who had relocated to a small, economically depressed and largely white town in upstate New York to exploit its wide-open crack market.
As a sweaty Stevens drenches himself in water from the trackside cooler, the Brooklynite Zito highfives the crowds.
I can't get my wife out of Arkansas," he said, referring to Gert Clark, the Brooklynite he married in 1967.
Because Robinson was a Brooklynite by circumstance (but not birth), his white jersey links Mookie to the city of Brooklyn in the same way that Raheem's tee shirt declares his territorial allegiance to Bed-Stuy.
Joseph Owades, a Brooklynite who developed the first light beer in 1967.
Brooklynite Tom Fox is very familiar with this type of green space.
A resident of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, she calls herself a born and raised third-generation Brooklynite.
As a longtime Brooklynite, I'm excited that Fodor's Brooklyn will help more people discover everything this dynamic borough has to offer.
Orange is the New Black" follows engaged Brooklynite Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), whose decade-old relationship with drug-runner Alex (Laura Prepon) results in her arrest and year-long detention in a federal penitentiary.