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English lyric poet (1887-1915)

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Brooke again winced inwardly, for Dorothea's engagement had no sooner been decided, than he had thought of Mrs.
Brooke, much relieved to see through the window that Celia was coming in.
Brooke from the necessity of answering immediately.
I do believe Brooke is going to expose himself after all.
And there must be a little crack in the Brooke family, else we should not see what we are to see.
I always told you Miss Brooke would be such a fine match.
His fear lest Miss Brooke should have run away to join the Moravian Brethren, or some preposterous sect unknown to good society, was a little allayed by the knowledge that Mrs.
you are well rid of Miss Brooke, a girl who would have been requiring you to see the stars by daylight.
Cadwallader must decide on another match for Sir James, and having made up her mind that it was to be the younger Miss Brooke, there could not have been a more skilful move towards the success of her plan than her hint to the baronet that he had made an impression on Celia's heart.
Bill looked appealingly to old Brooke, who got up and stopped the noise.
I say, Flashey," sang out another of the big boys; "drop that; you heard what old Pater Brooke said to-night.
Mark is the 16th generation of Brookes to operate mills in the Holme Valley - and can trace his family's involvement in the woollen industry back through 469 years to the reign of Henry VIII.
Brookes, 82, of Silver Springs, formerly of Haddam, CT, husband of 50 years to the late Mary (Corcoran) Brookes, died Thursday March 12, 2009 at Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala.
Although not present for the whole process, Brookes documents the actual building of the guitar with colorful descriptions of this semi-magical process.
1 ranked player from England, Peter Brookes, and Dexter Bradley, the up-and-coming black star who's said to be the next Tiger Woods - just as a storm approaches off the Pacific Ocean.
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