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English lyric poet (1887-1915)

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Old Brooke stands with the ball under his arm motioning the School back; he will not kick out till they are all in goal, behind the posts.
They mean heavy play and no mistake, and so old Brooke sees, and places Crab Jones in quarters just before the goal, with four or five picked players who are to keep the ball away to the sides, where a try at goal, if obtained, will be less dangerous than in front.
Again and again the cloud of their players- up gathers before our goal, and comes threatening on, and Warner or Hedge, with young Brooke and the relics of the bull-dogs, break through and carry the ball back; and old Brooke ranges the field like Job's war-horse.
Old Brooke comes sweeping round the skirts of the play, and turning short round, picks out the very heart of the scrummage, and plunges in.
Well, he is a plucky youngster, and will make a player," says Brooke.
If Miss Brooke ever attained perfect meekness, it would not be for lack of inward fire.
I thought she'd suit Brooke, but he keeps talking to Meg, and Kate just stares at them through that ridiculous glass of hers'.
Brooke," said Kate, with a commanding air, which surprised Meg, who treated the tutor with as much respect as any other gentleman.
Brooke obediently began the story, with the handsome brown eyes steadily fixed upon the sunshiny river.
Brooke, still watching the river, and playing with the wild rose in his buttonhole.
Brooke lay on the grass with a book, which he did not read.
Brooke looked up and said quickly, Young ladies in America love independence as much as their ancestors did, and are admired and respected for supporting themselves.
Brooke laid his book on her lap with an inviting smile.
Brooke made no comment as she returned the book to Meg, who said innocently, "I thought it was poetry.
Brooke, as she paused, quite ignoring her many mistakes, and looking as if he did indeed love to teach.
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