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an external abdominal pouch in most marsupials where newborn offspring are suckled

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Nares 2-pored bilaterally; brood pouch protecting plates present and enlarged; male brood pouch with eggs in holotype; margins of pouch folds directed ventrad, as in pouch closure for everted type of Herald (1959); brood pouch originating on anterior margin of first tail ring; membranous egg compartments beginning on first tail ring; pouch depth about 1/4 maximum tail depth; eggs well developed, large, in several layers.
Male and female seahorses mate monogamously within reproductive cycles: the female deposits an entire clutch of eggs into the male's brood pouch (Jones et al.
Seahorses are monogamous; and in a twist on much of nature, the male gives birth from a brood pouch.
He fertilizes the eggs and then carries them to term in a brood pouch.
The cockroach studied, Nauphoeta cinerea, does not lay eggs but develops its young in a brood pouch, and gives birth to live nymphs.
A healthy female crab carries her fertilized eggs in a brood pouch on her underside; she carefully grooms the pouch, scraping away algae and fungi.
A seahorse mom puts her eggs into the dad's brood pouch.
Male seahorses are equipped with a brood pouch on their ventral, or frontfacing, side.
In this fish species it is the father who takes care of the eggs, which he receives from one or more females and then looks after in a brood pouch on the tail, where a kind of male equivalent of the placenta provides the embryos with oxygen and nutrients.