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English novelist


English novelist

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Bronte died in March 2013, 18 months after falling ill with crippling stomach pains in September 2011.
uk) has a number of cottages for rent including Stone Cottage in Haworth, which sleeps three and provides the perfect base to explore Bronte country, available from PS51 a night.
Kroeg, the prospect of Jane Eyre going to Bitternut Lodge, Connaught, to serve as governess to the daughters of Mrs Dionysius O'Gail, provides Bronte with an opportunity to dramatize the plight of the governess in the light of early nineteenth-century debates about Ireland's uncertain position within Britain's empire.
The Bronte Society installed the new plaque alongside the original that had deteriorated over the years, the BBC reported.
How about if I put Bronte Country on wheels and move it to the rather less wild and barren hills of Shropshire instead?
Nineteenth-century British author Emily Bronte lived in a small town in the rural Yorkshire area of England during the early to mid-1800s.
The quotation from Barrett Browning's poetic kunstleroman about the development of the female artist suggests not only that Gaskell viewed Bronte as a member of a "community of women" artists but that she conceived her biographical project to be the examination of the sources and conditions of Bronte's creativity.
It's an extraordinary story and Bronte is a fascinating character," says Patrick.
Bronte Foods, the West Yorkshire poultry processor and cooked meats manufacturer, has strengthened its management with three senior appointments.
A BITTER row has broken out over plans to put up two mobile phone masts next to the Bronte sisters' historic Georgian home.
The story of the three Bronte sisters, who produced some of our best literature, is interesting enough in itself - so why on earth set it to music?
Published in the past as peripheral material to the work of the Bronte sisters, they here stand alone.
Although I do not want to merely retell this well-known history, a brief consideration of what we know about the Bronte family's life is necessary in order to better understand what influences Emily Bronte may have felt from her family, lifestyle, and customs.
THE People's Theatre stages the North East premiere of Polly Teale's drama Bronte from tonight.
Lydia Bronte, a New York gerontologist who is exhibiting this weekend at the American Booksellers Association Meeting in Chicago.