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British anthropologist (born in Poland) who introduced the technique of the participant observer (1884-1942)

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In the first volume of his long awaited biography of Bronislaw Malinowski, Michael Young provides the reader with a very detailed and absolutely comprehensive picture of the first 35 years of the life of the famous founding father of social anthropology.
The detailed and comprehensive first volume of Michael Young's biography of Bronislaw Malinowski offers a bonanza of facts on, and insights into, the dazzling personality of its protagonist and the people that played a role in his life.
Bronislaw Malinowski, Magic, Science and Religion (Glencoe, 1948).
For instance, the Trobriand Islanders, whom the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski studied, have no pornography, nor do they have any interest in it, but they have a lot of sexual license and the sexes live fairly equally.
There are chapters on the collecting activities of Beatrice Blackwood (Chantal Knowles), the Reverend George Brown (Helen Gardner), Sir William MacGregor (Michael Quinnell), Bronislaw Malinowski (Michael Young), Felix Speiser (Christian Kaufmann), and John Todd (Chris Gosden).
However, he came under the influence of Bronislaw Malinowski and changed the direction of his work.
Not least, it was Phyllis Kaberry who encouraged me to immerse myself in the works of Bronislaw Malinowski.
It was Raymond Firth who supervised her doctoral thesis but she dedicated the published version, Aboriginal Woman Sacred and Profane, to Bronislaw Malinowski.
Whereas other anthropologists, such as Bronislaw Malinowski, approach myths as a source of information about ritual and religion, Wiseman argues that for Levi-Strauss myths are also esthetic objects.
The last non-Kenyan to win the event was Pole Bronislaw Malinowski who took gold at the 1980 Moscow Games, which the Kenyans boycotted.
By the early 20th century, such scholarly voyeurism would be taken up in the anthropological studies of Bronislaw Malinowski with his 1929 publication of The Sexual Lives of Savages.