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The Government considers that this reduction in Broker Firm allocations is appropriate and necessary to ensure equitable access by Medibank Private policyholders and the general public to the Share Offer.
The next level of partnership is the Associate Partner which is typically a firm that originates $50 million to $100 million in annual residential mortgage volume and these are classified as mid-sized mortgage broker firms.
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) uncovered bribery among bankers, with false or "wash" trades being set up, generating at least PS211,000 in fees to broker firms for their help in colluding to bring down Libor rates.
This year, a total of 30 retail FX broker firms were honored from a pool of 140 brokers nominated by 6,400 traders in 82 countries in 6 languages.
There are approximately 100 NYSE floor broker firms, which accounted for 156 million shares of NYSE daily trading volume on average in January 2010.
Correspondent lenders, including smaller banks, credit unions and larger mortgage broker firms, make up the rest.
Plan members have instant access to MBC's patent-pending Mortgage PPO, a national network of mortgage broker firms and their loan agents, more than 100 wholesale lenders and preferred service providers that offer special discounts.
A survey of 294 large, medium and small independent agent and broker firms shows that brokers increasingly are venturing into each other's territories.
Thus, we would like to thank the broker firms and their staffs who submitted the initial applications last fall.
High refinancing volume has caused broker firms to proliferate.
Joining 42 nationwide members, Peel & Holland can now offer their clients resources available only to larger broker firms such as Compliance and Pharmacy Directors, as well as access to products and services for specialty markets.
broker firms with at least three employees serving companies of all sizes.
Steve Jackson, 45, and Ian Potter, 46, run a chain of mortgage broker firms across the North-East, but have decided to branch out by buying a 19th Century hotel.
It also opened the door for some of the smaller broker firms to better compete for business with some of the industry's largest clients.