broken home

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a family in which the parents have separated or divorced

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Life, in a single parent family or broken home can be stressful for both the child and the parent.
coming from broken homes where parents haven't figured out how to be healthy caregivers;
Along the way, he learned the value of determination and focus, lessons he shares with the reader by writing about obstacles he has had to overcome: a broken home, poor eyesight, racial prejudice, and later, incredibly complex medical procedures he uses to save the lives of his young patients.
For example, the fact that a client comes from a broken home becomes important to the semantically oriented counselor in terms of (1) the client's present reaction to this aspect of his past, and (2) the observable effects of this background on the client's behavior.
Other Mediamax series at NATPE include a five-hour mini-series Rock, which is about a 15 year old from a broken home, and Scoop, an ongoing primetime drama series of 39 52-minute stories about the glories and pitfalls of journalism.
There's no excuse for animal cruelty just because she comes from a broken home.
It is my parents' fault because I came from a broken home.
Years before, as a bullied, lonely schoolboy from a broken home, he murdered a girl his own age, along with another young lost and vulnerable lad.
In here, they also learn to protect themselves from what hurt them out there: a broken home, a parent who turned away, a smooth-talking man who can coerce a girl as young as 12 to get breast implants and sell herself on the streets.
He billed himself as "The Comeback Kid," the triumphant son of a broken home.
This yielded four key "risk factors': conviction for violent crime; history of violent suicide attempt; a measurable (although not necessarily dramatic) neurologic abnormality; a "deviant' family environment, including a broken home, child abuse or a parent's substance abuse.
It's all very nice at first, then the father disappears, novelty worn off, thenwe have neglected children and a broken home.
Every few weeks we hear of a teenager, not from a broken home, not bullied, not a drink or drugs abuser, who takes his or her own life for no reason that anyone can fathom.
36pc of teenage girls come from a broken home ( UK average 32pc
When I was a youth I became a vagrant because of a broken home.