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Canadian physicist who bounced neutron beams off of atomic nuclei to study the structure of matter (1918-2003)

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I recognise Ron and Mabel Bradley, Chris Low and my son David Brockhouse, of the Cub Scouts," said Tony.
Brockhouse actually created a new trend in the field of neutron physics associated with the measurement of spectra of fast and slow neutrons and other elementary particles, including the quasi-particles (photons) [21, 23].
Sometimes it just comes down to the ability to get things done, and when it comes to a Republican-controlled Legislature, Delicia has just head-and-shoulders above anybody else been able to prove that in the past," Brockhouse said.
They won the Brockhouse Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the Best Exhibit for the entire show and the John A Chatterton Memorial Trophy for the best exhibit in the Grand Floral Marquee.
GARDENING GURU: David Bellamy BROCKHOUSE GOLD: Colin Jones WALK THIS WAY: This garden is themed on 10 Downing Street and Abbey Road, featuring The Beatles HOW MANY?
Stratford and Brockhouse & Cooper Inc, the Montreal institutional investment advisor Pavilion bought earlier, are expected to start doing business under the Pavilion name in the second half of this year.
Brockhouse retired in July as a co-op development specialist with USDA's Cooperative Programs.
We used the method of Brockhouse and Adler (2002) to determine if 10 combinational types exhibited less polytene chromosome pairing than did 10 putative parental types from prepared slides from a 5 Apr.
Jeri Rosa, Jerold Ellman, Jerome Cizek, Jerome Ward, Jerry Morey, Jerry Nightingale, Jessie Powell, Jihong Lee, Jill Eisner, Jo Ann Nygard, Joan Glendening, Joan Green, Joan Sturges, Joann Sanderson, Joanne Ferris, Joanne Hoffman, Jody Grove, Joe Kashani, Joe Megia, Joe Richardson, Joel Eichman, Johanna Sweaney Salt, John Arao, John Barrett, John Bates, John Bower, John Brockhouse, John Brychel, John Campbell, John Carbahal, John Courtney, John DeLuca, John Diehl, John Fogelman, John Grovom, John Hamann, John Hayashi, John Jacobs, John Lacey, John Link, John Maliszewski, John Marshall, John Moore, John Murphy,
Loren Brockhouse, Vice President of North American Sales, says trusts and associations represent a large percentage of Businessolver's book of business, "Trusts and associations have unique billing and finance needs, and Mike has four years of experience as a Client Services Director in that arena.
Specialists from Jaguar Land Rover and Brockhouse Group will be helping to make the event a success.
Using properties in a crystal composed of uranium, ruthenium and silicon- synthesized by doctoral candidate Travis Williams and staff member Jim Garrett in Luke's group using the facilities of the Centre for Crystal Growth at McMaster's Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research - the effects of heavy fermions began to appear as the material was cooled below 55 Kelvin (-218 degree C).
Bertram Brockhouse (1918-2003), for example, working at Chalk River between 1950 and 1962, eventually was co-recipient of the Nobel Prize for his research on the scattering of neutrons as a probe of nuclear structure and magnetic order.
Brockhouse Group Ltd specialises in forged-steel components focusing on small-batch, large-weight production such as gear shafts and mining flight bars for customer markets as diverse as off-road, defence, mining equipment, fluid power and rail industries.
To get well beyond the 'just sing-along and play-along percussion sessions', Tim Swingler and John Brockhouse report a project with student "C" on the Soundbeam.