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small South American deer with unbranched antlers

male red deer in its second year

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Seventeen days after this first case, a 1-year-old male pygmy brocket deer (Mazama nana) from the same zoo suddenly died.
Virus isolation was not carried out on specimens from the gray brocket deer because brain tissue samples were inadequate and results of PCR were negative for epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus [EHDV] or bluetongue virus [BTV].
That left Argentina's fertile savannah to an assortment of indigenous brocket deer, guanacos, peccaries, and the continent's only major predator--our familiar puma.
Next stop was the Wildlife Reserve, home to the island's biggest collection of (very frisky) tortoises plus green monkeys and Brocket deer.
Howler monkeys, foxes, agouti, paea, tapir, red brocket deer, jaguarundi, raccoon, and collared peccary are also found in the park, but are rarely seen during a short visit.
Brown brocket deer (Mazama gouazoubira) habitat use throughout 1988-89 was estimated by track counts in four different plant communities at El Bagual Ecological Reserve, northeastern Argentina.
So, with a buckshot-loaded shotgun, I stood on a trail and a brocket deer streaked out at 25 paces--my opinion of a long shot for buckshot.