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the motor speech center in the left hemisphere of the brain in most people

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Broca's area has since ranked among the brain's most closely examined language regions in cognitive psychology.
Their brains, while relatively larger than chimpanzees, are small and lack a human-like Broca's area, indicating very limited syntactical ability; their technology also supports the notion that hierarchical thinking processes were minimal.
Translocation of Broca's area to the contralateral hemisphere as the result of the growth of a left inferior frontal glioma.
From Wernicke's area, these thoughts are sent to Broca's area via the arcuate fasciculus.
This region came to be known as Wernicke's area, connected to Broca's area by a neural pathway called the arcuate fasciculus.
Broca's Area discusses current, and sometimes controversial, issues from the psychopharmacologist's perspective
Women in the chemotherapy group had decreased glucose metabolism in the superior frontal gyrus and in Broca's area in the dominant hemisphere and in its contralateral counterpart, compared with the control group.
It is furthermore argued that the restriction of coding--decoding to Broca's area is too simple: the representation in the brain must be distributive.
Broca's area, a region on the left side of your brain just behind your forehead is the "vocalizer.
The part of the brain involved, called Broca's area,deals with memory, language processing and organisation.
The team, led by Kuniyoshi Sakai, assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, says a specific part of Broca's area in the frontal cortex is responsible for grammar, while a different part manages vocabulary.
To determine if Broca's area plays a critical role in human imitation, we conducted a repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) study, transiently disrupting cortical activity in three sites: the left inferior frontal gyrus (Broca's area), right inferior frontal gyrus, and an occipital control condition.
The mass was large, firmly attached to the dura, and superficially adherent to the brain over Broca's area.
There seem to be a certain number of direct or indirect connections between the ambiguous nucleus and certain central areas--especially Broca's area, the motor cortex, and the anterior cingulum--but their significance is poorly understood.
There's a part of the brain called Broca's area that Milbank says "directs the production of clear and intelligible speech.