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Synonyms for Brobdingnagian

Synonyms for Brobdingnagian

unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope

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Measuring 5 1/2' tall, The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair provides stadium seating at any outdoor event.
This was a time of a Brobdingnagian musical explosion with local or locally based groups including Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Youngbloods, Country Joe and the Fish, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Santana, It's A Beautiful Day, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Steve Miller Band, Moby Grape, Doobie Brothers, and many more.
Another genre, the science fiction photo-drama, became thinly disguised versions of Russian nuclear attacks or inland invasions as Brobdingnagian mutants, unexplained blobs, or defrosted dinosaurs ravaged American cities.
Consider these (plus many derivatives like grand, grandise, aggrandized): BIG, Brobdingnagian, extravagant, galactic, gaping, Gargantuan, gazillionth, general, generous, geo-, global, GIANT, giga-, good-sized, god-sized, good-god-sized, goliath, googleplexic, GRAND, grave (weighty), GREAT, GROSS, grown, heightened, HUGE, humongous, king-sized, LARGE, lengthy, magna-, magni-, mega-, mighty, mind-boggling, prodigious, regal, strong.
Cain resists, thinking his love for his beautiful sister Adah somehow sacrosanct, but before he has done Lucifer has shrunk him smaller than Gulliver before the repellent spectacle of a Brobdingnagian breast.
The Hammering Man's Brobdingnagian proportions required that the arm be tested whilst he was lying down, thereby forcing the reducer to be capable of operating in both horizontal and vertical positions.
There is only one word to describe those massive exercises in brobdingnagian futility--dumb.
Hungry motorists could snap up hot dogs from a construction that resembled what it sold, pedestrians could get their soles replaced within a brobdingnagian boot.
Yet half a boot is still man-tall, which suggests the Brobdingnagian proportions of the vanished monument.
I-696, the Reuther Expressway in Oakland and Macomb Counties, built at Brobdingnagian expense, reached saturation ten years after its full opening in 1989.
He edits the Brobdingnagian Times, a literary broadsheet, and co-edits Tableau, an interdisciplinary journal.
Celia's own chamber pot, like a Brobdingnagian wench's vulva, is a metaphor for the Medusa herself: the "Deep Dell" that turns a man to stone.
The figures may not be publicly available, but the stores appear full of customers who are taking away to homes, offices, canteens and restaurants Brobdingnagian quantities of food and non food goods.
Hale Irwin, who opens play Friday in the Ralphs Senior Classic at Wilshire Country Club, is enjoying a year of Brobdingnagian achievement.
Midway between the Lilliputian and Brobdingnagian Pity is a human-sized ghost, an unnamed agent repeatedly evoked by feminine pronouns.