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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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Using ECI's broadband access solution, this ISP can now easily expand its network, introduce new services and increase revenue.
Broadband Aggregation Routers (BAR(TM)) will be deployed in its central office (CO) for scaleable 1 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet transport and Broadband Access Switches (BAS(TM)) will reside in remote terminals (RT) for high-performance last mile voice, video and data delivery.
Chapter 3 thoroughly defines broadband, identifying the key factors driving demand and describing broadband access service markets.
In February, the company's Broadband Access Switch (BAS(TM))/Primary Line VoIP received INTERNET TELEPHONY(R) magazine's (www.
The group intends to build on the coexistence specification published in 2005 and to further promote the capabilities of powerline communications (PLC) to deliver global solutions for broadband access and home networking.
Our strategic relationship has brought to market a unique broadband access solution," said Patrick Lo, NETGEAR's chairman and chief executive officer.
This enables broadband access devices that handle mixed IPv4/IPv6 traffic to be fully exercised in quality assurance and pre-deployment testing in real-world scenarios.
In June, Pannaway announced the availability of four new members to its award-winning Broadband Access Switch product suite.
Yeong Bong Son, Executive Vice President of Corecess, stated, "Korea is leading the world in terms of broadband access penetration.
Ericsson will assist Telebucaramanga to build an advanced broadband access network through its Ethernet DSL Access solution, allowing the operator to deliver the triple play services of data, voice and video over one, common infrastructure.
SAN DIEGO & MUNICH, Germany -- Ovation MCU1000 Provides Broadband Access for Home, SOHO and Enterprise Markets
Critical Telecom's GEmini(TM) Remote Ethernet DSLAM to be distributed by leading telecom supplier as part of their Broadband Access Portfolio
Paradyne (NASDAQ:PDYN), a leading provider of broadband voice, data and video network access solutions, today announced Cable & Wireless, incumbent PTT serving Barbados, has chosen Paradyne's broadband access system to upgrade its residential and business-class high-speed networking services.