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a sword with a broad blade and (usually) two cutting edges

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The Greek word for 'sword' is not the broad sword, which was used for capital punishment, but a short sword on the belt.
On the down side, the length and weight made it like carrying a broad sword.
Martial arts instructor Simon Martin wields a Chinese broad sword
One of Maynards' men being a Highlander, engaged Teach with his broad sword, who gave Teach a cut on the neck, Teach saying well done lad; the Highlander replied, If it be not well done, I'll do it better.
The total aggregate Purchase Price which was agreed to by the Board of Directors and Shareholders, of JSM Capital Holding Corp and Broad Sword Holding LLC, (the former owners of Global Arena Capital Corp), who in addition to the $ 2.
THE driver won gasps of admiration from my wife by lifting her wheeled suitcase into the boot on the side of his coach with a single flick of a wrist as wide as a Viking broad sword and flecked with blond hair.
Dodd, President and Chief Executive Officer, has recently been awarded the prestigious Oglethorpe Sword, a ceremonial broad sword given annually to an American or British businessperson who has contributed significantly to Anglo-Georgia business interests.
The line includes the Warlord, Saxon's radical flagship chopper; the Firestorm, a long and low pro-street; the Broad Sword, a great-looking and easy-to-ride beach cruiser; and the Sceptre, a classic sport cruiser.