Hadrian's Wall

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an ancient Roman wall built by Hadrian in the 2nd century

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As an example, let us consider a problem of electromagnetic waves scattering by a narrow rectilinear transverse slot in a broad wall of a rectangular waveguide containing passive impedance vibrators and extraneous field sources.
This is of relevance as a discontinuity in the broad wall reduces the structural integrity of the waveguide component.
4) As illustrated in Figure 2, this structure is comprised of a series of thin metal vanes that run vertically from the center of one broad wall of the guide to the other.
In addition, living space personalization continues to act as a driver for color change, with accent walls or niche areas appropriate for small doses of high impact, bold color, while using more subtle hues on broad wall areas.
One way to integrate the spiral antenna into the SWASS concept is to cut spiral slots on the broad wall of rectangular waveguides where spiral slots are part of a SWA array.
The doorway to the exhibition was wide, but it was blocked some six feet in by a broad wall on which Sillman's drawings of couples hung in a loose mosaic.
PHILADELPHIA -- Dow Coating Materials, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) dedicated to innovation in the paint and coatings industry, has introduced Rhoplex[TM] EZ Clean 200, a 100 percent acrylic binder designed for premium interior flat and satin broad wall paints requiring high resistance to household stains.
An electronbeam passes through a small hole on the broad wall of the serpentine waveguide where the electric field intensity peaks.
Figure 1 shows the cross guide coupler with two apertures cut in the common broad wall of two rectangular waveguides oriented at 90|degrees~ relative to one another, where A and B are the forward and backward coupled wave amplitudes, respectively.
Headed by six senior bankers with extensive operating knowledge and broad Wall Street expertise averaging more than 20 years, the firm has grown to 18 professionals across offices in Boston, New York and Chicago.
The firm was built by a seasoned team of executives, averaging more than 20 years of experience, combining extensive technology operating knowledge with broad Wall Street expertise.
The nature of a site is in the details: the way that this concrete floor maps a shape from white wall to white wall, or the way that the broad walls give way to narrower ones and another mounted with a bookshelf, or the way that the large, ground-floor window looks out onto a particular vista.