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an industrial city and port in southwestern England near the mouth of the River Avon

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Bristolians have their very own dialect, colloquially known as Brizzle and as you hilariously (not) allude to, they do like to roll their r's.
A tongue- in cheek guide to Wales' nearest neighbours Cheddar cheese - the daddy of all British cheese Cheese rolling - the annual bizarre ritual at Cooper's Hill in Gloucester Funny accent - that weird Brizzle burr The Wurzels - cider- drinking, combined- harvester- driving yokels Cider - home- brewed paintstripper, habitually Stonehenge - ancient gathering site for hippies Glastonbury - site of the festival and another top spot for hippies Portishead - miserable trip- hop veterans Rugby - the only part of the UK that can rival the fervour of Wales Bristol Zoo - a day out for South Walians with children Cream teas - cream then jam, or vice versa?
SPECTACULAR: The Cheviot Centre, Wooler, Northumberland; IN THE LIMELIGHT: The Newbiggin people statue is lit up; DAZZLING: Newbiggin is bathed in a sea of colours as part of the Guerilla Lighting programme PICTURES: JOHN WILLIAMSON; WINNER: Merck Sharp, Cramlington, is dappled in light; HAVING A BALL: Brizzle Wood; SPOT LIGHT: Barter Books, Alnwick, is captured in the show; SHINING BRIGHT: St Mary's Church, Ponteland; DISPLAY: Berwick Barracks is illuminated as part of the festival
Yet more live footy, this time from the Division Two play-offs as the Monkey-Hangers host Brizzle C.