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a former province of northwestern France on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay

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But the Normans conquered part of Brittany, and a close relationship grew up between the two peoples.
Now you know that in 1066 the great Duke William came sailing over the sea to conquer England, and with him came more soldiers from Brittany than from any other land.
He said he translated all that he wrote from an old British book which had been brought from Brittany and given to him.
Geoffrey then says that he hands over the matter of writing about the later Welsh and Saxon kings to others, "Whom I bid be silent as to the kings of the Britons, seeing that they have not that book in the British speech which Walter, Archdeacon of Oxford, did convey hither out of Brittany, the which I have in this wise been at the pains of translating into the Latin speech.
subtitles Alun also meets Sarah Hignett, originally from Talgarreg near Llandysul, who has moved to Grand Fougeray near Rennes in east Brittany.
TRAGIC Brittany Murphy's grief-stricken husband said he couldn't live without her and foretold his own death just weeks before he died.
Summary: Brittany Murphy's widower, Simon Monjack, has reportedly been found dead at their Hollywood home.
The power of this learning experience for Brittany lay not in the first innovation, but in the second--time was provided for practice and refinement.
The Maison Des Johnnies et de l'Oignon Rose is tucked away down a side street in the small port town at the wilder end of the Celtic corner of France, which has received a new lease of life since Brittany Ferries started services from Plymouth and Cork.
More than 700 people recently took part in a sponsored run in Brittany in aid of Breton-language schools.
Skiing, not a sport immediately associated with mountain-less Brittany, is coming to the region for one month from July 8, in the form of a 65m long dry-ski slope and toboggan course at Domaine de Kerlann.
Getting in trouble with the police could jeopardize everything: high school graduation, his relationship with Brittany, even his life.
THE mother of Brittany Murphy yesterday blamed a heart murmur for the 32-year-old star's death.
Brittany Brown didn't want to wake up on the morning of May 28, 1999.
Brittany Greenwood, their 13-year-old who attends Christ the King School, broke national records in the Girls 2 classification seven times this summer in water ski jumping, including a jump of 105 feet at the South Central Regionals and 106 feet in the nationals.