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Synonyms for Briton



Synonyms for Briton

a native or inhabitant of Great Britain

an inhabitant of southern Britain prior to the Anglo-Saxon invasions

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Later still, when the Saxons came, the Britons were driven by degrees into the mountains of Wales and the wilds of Cornwall, while others fled again across the sea to Brittany.
The Normans and the Bretons were very different peoples, as different as the Britons and the English.
And at last he says: "As barbarism crept in they were no longer called Britons, but Welsh, a word derived either from Gualo, one of their dukes, or from Guales, their Queen, or else from their being barbarians.
Geoffrey then says that he hands over the matter of writing about the later Welsh and Saxon kings to others, "Whom I bid be silent as to the kings of the Britons, seeing that they have not that book in the British speech which Walter, Archdeacon of Oxford, did convey hither out of Brittany, the which I have in this wise been at the pains of translating into the Latin speech.
On these occasions might be seen the change since the unceremonious times of the old French traders; now the aristocratic character of the Briton shone forth magnificently, or rather the feudal spirit of the Highlander.
traveling Briton of lesser degree is addressed as "Sir," as, Sir 'Arry
Your friend is the model young Briton of the present time.
But he reflected that he was a free-born Briton and had his rights.
Nevertheless, like a brainless and unreasoning Briton, he persisted in maintaining on the premises a large stock of cocks, hens, and other poultry.
Whenever he met a great man he grovelled before him, and my-lorded him as only a free-born Briton can do.
Lord Dawlish had that sturdy reverence for his interior organism which is the birthright of every Briton.
This, principally because the Complete British Housewife, however sound a Briton at heart, was by no means an expert Briton at expressing herself with clearness in the British tongue, and sometimes might have issued her directions to equal purpose in the Kamskatchan language.
LONDON, Nov 14 (KUNA) -- The British government Friday said that it would submit new measures on combating terrorism to the House of Commons in the upcoming weeks in order to face radicalized Britons travelling abroad to fight with "terrorist groups".
Posted online on Thursday, they also claim they are about to cross the border from Syria into Iraq to fight there aACAo the clearest indication yet that Britons are involved in the renewed Iraqi civil conflict.
ONE in five Britons thinks they will be working until they are at least 70 years old making them a lot more likely to have this expectation than workers across Europe, according to a new global report.