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Synonyms for Britain

Synonyms for Britain

a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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Tim found it lonely on his own in a four-bed home Angela Britland wants the rental income to pay for life's little luxuries Tim (left) found he got on very well with his lodger Mike
In the tradition of Stephen Orgel, Leah Marcus, and James Knowles, Britland analyzes Henrietta Maria's masques, pastorals, and incidental performances for their political and cultural resonances at specific historical moments.
Karen Britland argues "I find it impossible to accept that she could have sponsored two major theatrical productions by two separate authors in relatively quick succession without being aware of their irreverent stance towards neoPlatonism," Drama at the Courts of Queen Henrietta Maria (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006), 130.
Britland begins by demonstrating how Henrietta Maria introduced French elements into her masques--particularly the early wedding masques--and so initiated a cross-cultural conversation with the Continent.
Ian Evans, prosecuting, said that the women saw Britland enter the pub and was surprised he was served alcohol when he already seemed intoxicated.
Drama at the Courts of Henrietta Maria, by Karen Britland.
My Grandfather George Junior, also known as Anthony, married my grandmother Emma Britland and they had two children, Barbara and Christopher.
Stuart Britland was appointed to director of North American channel sales, S.
He was a boss of manufacturing firm Britland Management, which sank with debts of nearly pounds 1m.
Other key management personnel at Logotech include Gurland, Brien Britland, operations manager, and Anita Sparrow, art director.
BACK ROW: Steve Jones (assistant kit manager), Mark Britland (analyst), Terry Gennoe (goalkeeping coach), Jordan Bowery, Richard Dunne, Nathan Baker, Shay Given, Brad Guzan, Andy Marshall, Christian Benteke, Ciaran Clark, Eric Lichaj, Alan Smith (physiotherapist), John Hartley (physiotherapist), Alex Butler (masseur).
We are lucky we have both Vikki Britland and Chloe Atkinson coming back for their third years after representing England this season.
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That lead was extended 10 minutes later when No8 Britland was on hand to crash over, again Holborough was on target with his conversion and the home side seemed to be out of sight when the goalkicker crossed for a try and added the goal soon after.
Karen Britland, Drama at the Courts of Queen Henrietta Maria (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006), 192.