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sensationalist journalism

newspaper with half-size pages


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The expat, who was allegedly found naked in the taxi by police, could make thousands of pounds if Clifford's office sells her story to the British tabloids or she makes an appearance on a TV show.
There is no truth to these rumours', the statement said, referring to a story published in a British tabloid.
The Daily Mail, a British tabloid newspaper, is opening its first office in New York City to house its online division.
Dubai The betting scandal involving Pakistan cricketers has taken a new turn, thanks to fresh revelations made by the British tabloid News of the World, which first exposed the scandal.
The British tabloid has said bookie Mazhar Majeed also boasted that the betting syndicate made more than 830,000 pounds with one controversial Test this year.
Summary: LONDON: British MPs accused bosses at Rupert Murdoch's top-selling British tabloid on Wednesday of suffering "collective amnesia" over illegal hacking of phone messages meant for royalty and other celebrities.
It was alleged reporters from British tabloid The News Of The World paid private investigators to listen in to messages.
It was a very good offer for everybody concerned,'' F1 chief Ecclestone was quoted as saying in Sunday's edition of British tabloid The News of the World.
Scotland Yard had received a complaint after Burrell was quoted by a British tabloid newspaper as saying that he told "red herrings" at the high-profile hearing into the princess's death, which ended last month.
His attempts to kick heroin have been widely covered by British tabloid newspapers.
and British special forces have cornered al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in a mountainous area of western Pakistan near the Afghan border, a British tabloid reported Sunday, citing an unnamed U.
It was his desire to break out of this paradox that brought a downpour of abuse from all those self appointed avenging angels of the Lord who found ready outlets for their invective in the infamous British tabloid press.
The Daily Mirror, a British tabloid newspaper, hired Arnett within 24 hours.
The father of a British woman whose dismembered body was found Friday on a beach near Tokyo said he hopes ''her killer hangs,'' a British tabloid reported Monday.
Part of it had to do with the fact that most British tabloid writers hail from the working class, and have a deep-rooted resentment of the elite.
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