British empiricism

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the predominant philosophical tradition in Great Britain since the 17th century

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By the time British empiricism culminated with Hume, logical laws become consumed by a psychologism that can speak only of approximate regularities in successions of matters of fact, an assumption that permeates Hume's theory of causality.
And Russell's biases toward British empiricism led him to paint verbal pictures of philosophers he did not care for -- Augustine, Aquinas, Kant, Hegel, William James - that were at best caricatures and at worst calumnies.
Hence, his study provides a fascinating combination of 19th-century British empiricism and 20th-century German existentialism.
As Hegel came under tire by empiricists on both sides of the Atlantic for his failure to adequately account for method as actually practiced in the natural sciences, Dewey abandoned the idealism of his intellectual mentor in favor of British empiricism.
British empiricism and early political economy; Gregory King's 1696 estimates of national wealth and population.
Offering a broad and efficient introduction to what he calls the "economy of salvation" in Austen, the first chapter argues for Austen's novels through the prisms of neoclassical hermeneutics, British empiricism (primarily through Locke), and a rapidly changing unregulated capitalist society.
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