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If the former British colonies that now belong to the Commonwealth likewise rid their language of imperialist vocabulary, they will take the first step toward liberating their minds, because, as I have written elsewhere, the color of a person does not make a race.
Remember the days when most of your atlas was covered in red to represent British colonies and dominions?
All of the 13 British Colonies that would become the United States had been established.
It was the first such law in the British Empire, and it came at a time when other British colonies, like Australia, were abolishing capital punishment for actual rape.
India and the East Indies are connected to the Caribbean not only through their common fate as British colonies and sugar plantations but also through a B ritish colonial policy encouraging the importation of East Indian laborers to the Caribbean from the middle of the nineteenth century onward (Williams 347ff).
Taxes were levied on certain British exports to America after the recent argument between the USA and EU over bananas imported from former British colonies.
A silver dressing table that belonged to Empress Elizabeth when America was just a string of British colonies.
Our Millennium party will continue right through the Sydney Olympics up to 1 January, 2001--the centenary of the Federation through which six British colonies became one self-governed nation.
In the decades after World War II (1939-1945), most British colonies, including Bangladesh and Jamaica, sought independence from a ruling power that they considered oppressive.
The GBP10,000 award is open to fiction, which is written in English, in the Commonwealth grouping of former British colonies.
One of five remaining British colonies in the Caribbean, the Turks & Caicos is a small chain of islands southeast of the Bahamas and north of Haiti.
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