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In the course of British colonialism, Aden witnessed a huge development progress.
Booty, 1987, for example, marshalled a ludicrous assortment of found objects--a toy train, a city gent's umbrella, a Victorian-style cast-iron pub table, and a mummified elephant's foot-cum-umbrella stand--into a caustic comment on the "achievements" of British colonialism.
Speaking on the occasion Shri K Rahman Khan said Hindu-Muslim unity and fight against British Colonialism, were the two ideals, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad always kept close to his chest throughout his life and remained in fact the corner stone of his political edifice.
of Munster, Germany) brings home post-colonial studies debates from former over-seas British colonies to bear on the Scottish experience of British colonialism.
The 56-year-old later gave a eulogy about the murdered gangland mob boss, hailing Kelly a "martyr" who opposed British colonialism.
He went on to say, "On this occasion, we call on the political leadership to care for the families of the October martyrs and the injured as a token of appreciation for their great efforts in the national revolution and ridding of the tyrant imamate and British colonialism.
If the UK Government is asserting that the Union Flag is its flag, then they have a duty to place restrictions on private individuals who would use it to cause offence and hurt to people who see it as a symbol of the bad old days of British colonialism at home or abroad.
This racial incident allegedly galvanized him to fight against British colonialism.
Dear Editor, In his potted history of British colonialism, Harold Nash (Post Agenda, March 30) paints a depressing but accurate account of our behaviour to other people, in particular the ethnic cleansing of Australian aborigines and the New Zealand Maoris.
In a refreshing departure from the norm, Plank avoids what could have easily become yet another contribution to the ever-expanding inventory of Jacobite-related literature and instead enters into a less-than-philosophical, yet more-than-conceptual, examination of rebellion and savagery and, in particular, their definitional portents with respect to British colonialism.
Set in the late 1930s as Gandhi's liberation movement is really picking up steam, ``Water'' makes the point that the revered Mahatma not only agitated against British colonialism, but against some of the subcontinent's more backward traditions as well.
This Muslim-majority state of India has been a disputed region since 1947, since the division of the subcontinent--and Kashmir itself--at the time of independence from British colonialism.
British author Kneale makes his impressive American debut with this carefully researched and delightfully written novel that brings the history of British colonialism and its impact on Tasmanian history vividly to life.
One of Chatterjee's most important conclusions is that regional diversity in India as elsewhere in South Asia was momentarily set aside in a burst of unified opposition to British colonialism.
It also depicts, with considerable sensitivity, the relations of the Catholic Church with Kikuyu authorities, with Protestant missions, and with British colonialism.
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