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Prior to the massacre, riots had broken out in several Punjabi cities, five British civilians had been murdered in Amritsar, a curfew had been introduced and all political rallies banned for fear of mass uprising against British colonial rule.
He has said there were no birth certificates available when he was born under British colonial rule.
In the latest attempt by a South Asian nation to minimize the legacy of centuries of British colonial rule, the government of Pakistan made a slight change in the spelling of its southeastern province 6 from "Sind" to "Sindh.
Her father Frank Hill was a radical journalist and campaigner against British colonial rule, who was imprisoned without trial in 1942 for his political beliefs.
The agency, which rarely suspends its operations even in war zones, has worked in the country since the end of British colonial rule in 1947.
Thursday's announcement is one of several measures aimed at boosting Hong Kong's economy that come ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit for weekend ceremonies marking the 15th anniversary of the end of British colonial rule.
I use the term 'sets' advisedly here for what Robert Nicole is at pains to emphasize is that neither Fijians nor Indians, nor for that matter Europeans, shared the same experience of British colonial rule, rather each category included different sets (and subsets) of colonial encounter; that is to say, different encounters among themselves, as well as with the machinery of British colonialism itself.
Talib, Administrators and their Service: The Sarawak Administrative Service under the Brooke Rajahs and British Colonial Rule (Shah Alam: OUP, 1999), page 247.
The other rectification that Korieh achieves in his book is to allocate to Igbo women their fair share of bravery against the exactions of British colonial rule.
After more than 100 years of British colonial rule, Yemen's southern port of Aden was finally returned to Yemen on Nov.
Summary: The birth of the UAE has its roots before the oil exploration, but it is with the exploration, production and export of oil that led to the realisation of the Trucial States to bring the seven Emirates under British colonial rule with a strategic shift.
The prosecution brought against him shone a light upon some of the most unpalatable aspects of British colonial rule in the Caribbean.
Malayan Communists went on to fight against British colonial rule while the Taliban grew out of the Afghan mujahideen.
The candlelight vigil will be observed on both sides of the Wahga post on the night of August 14 and leading personalities will light candles to pay homage to the martyrs of the independence movement against British colonial rule and for peace and friendship among the people of the two countries.
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