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The fundamental argument of the book is that the British colonial period in Egypt produced a set of discourses on gender and sexuality.
During the British colonial period (1878-1960 AD), the water problems were handled on a systematic basis.
2) As Richards indicates in his account of serving as a Sarawak administrative officer, he was asked in 1961, near the end of the British colonial period, to undertake a study of Iban adat and practices related to land subject to Native Customary Rights (called NCR land).
During the British colonial period, Indian tribes were considered foreign nations by the British crown and were dealt with by treaty.
Fearing that the imminent end of the British colonial period in Africa and other parts of the world would lead to the scattering and destruction of much of the historical material in private hands, Perham and Madden proposed that it should be collected and housed in Oxford, principally at Rhodes House, a branch of the Bodleian Library which held its printed British Commonwealth collection.
600 BCE-800 CE), it is best known for evidence of occupation continuity through the Maya collapse to the Spanish and British colonial periods (800 CE through to the 1860s).
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