British Virgin Islands

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more than 40 northeastern Virgin Islands (15 inhabited)

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Of the other Avenfield House properties, flat 20 and 21 are owned by the Hung Yip Development Limited, an offshore company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands while flat 9 and 10 are owned by the Mellen Management Limited, incorporated in Panama.
All people of this Territory are invited to come out and dont miss this opportunity to share your views on recovery and development in the British Virgin Islands.
The politico-business Saifullah family of Lakki Marwat stays on the top of the list with a record number of 34 offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands and Seychelles owned by Senator Osman Saifullah, Anwar Saifullah, Salim Saifullah, Humayun Saifullah, Dr Iqbal Saifullah, Javed Saifullah and Jehangir Saifullah.
PC Gareth McSherry said: "The British Virgin Islands are still part of UK territories and there's still a responsibilty to defend them and help in situations like this.
Gwent Police officers have returned from helping relief efforts on the British Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma.
Also registered in the British Virgin Islands, where there is a zero tax rate on companies that do no business in that jurisdiction, is a group of buildings on Newcastle's Collingwood Street, a large number of industrial buildings on the Aycliffe Business Park in County Durham and a hotel near the Metrocentre.
Britain encouraged places like the British Virgin Islands to develop as offshore tax havens so they could get out of giving them millions in international aid.
He told the House of Commons there were 997 troops and 47 police officers in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).
Giving an update to MPs, Sir Alan said five people had died in the British Virgin Islands and four in Anguilla.
Tasked by PM Hariri to help and evacuate Lebanese [nationals] impacted by Hurricane Irma, which hit Tortola Island in the British Virgin Islands and a small nearby Island, Maj.
Forecasters said Hurricane Jose could affect already-hit areas with the British Virgin Islands on tropical storm watch, and the Commonwealth islands of Barbuda and Antigua and British territory of Anguilla on hurricane watch.
VIRGIN ISLANDS -- The Attorney General of the British Virgin Islands has confirmed that the Nielsen, Nescoll offshore companies were owned by Maryam Nawaz.
BVI Airways is scheduled to launch first-ever nonstop service between Tortola, British Virgin Islands and Miami International Airport (MIA) on July 22, with two weekly roundtrip flights on Saturdays and Sundays, Miami-Dade Aviation Department said.
British Virgin Islands is to launch a bank to service offshore companies, many of them from China.
If someone has paid for some shares through someone else and through an entity in the British Virgin Islands, but isn't a director, would that a problem?
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