British Virgin Islands

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more than 40 northeastern Virgin Islands (15 inhabited)

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A pristine and romantic island paradise evoking a bygone era, the British Virgin Islands are nonetheless easily accessible for U.
anti-drug patrols can enter the waters of the British Virgin Islands, east of Puerto Rico, under a bilateral agreement between the two countries.
The British Virgin Islands is the crown jewel of the Caribbean and the sailing capital of the world.
Orlando Smith, OBE, Premier, British Virgin Islands
Nearly half of all foreign direct investment into Russia flows through Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands, where Conyers is already well established.
Barton said that when they were arrested they did not know their boat had crossed into British Virgin Islands waters.
Companies using the British Virgin Islands and other tax havens to invest in China may need to review their operations to avoid being taxed on their worldwide income under a new Chinese tax law, according to accountants Deloitte.
Maarten, the British Virgin Islands and Dubai among other locations.
Victor International Corporation announced their acquisition of Biras Creek Resort in the British Virgin Islands.
The Trident guide to British Virgin Islands trusts, rev.
The British Virgin Islands offer many sea splendors, but the RMS Rhone, a British mail ship that sank off Salt Island during a storm in 1867, is a renowned dive site.
The killer of a North schoolboy who died in a boating tragedy in the British Virgin Islands should have his sentence reviewed after escaping jail with just a pounds 16,000 fine, it was claimed last night.
Luke Noble, 15, from East Boldon, was flung into the sea when his boat was hit off the British Virgin Islands last August.
The equally fabulous Necker Island is Richard Branson's personal hideaway in--you guessed it--the British Virgin Islands.
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