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the government agency in the United Kingdom that is responsible for internal security and counterintelligence overseas

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The RUC special branch asked Martin to spy on people on his estate for the British secret service when he was just 16-years-old.
The royal family was routinely bugged by British secret services, the Princess Diana inquest heard yesterday
Spooks are, by nature, people who blend into the background, and that would be my only criticism of this novel - with so many suspects in the halls of the British secret services, I found it difficult to distinguish one suited spy from another.
OUR revelations today that yet another senior Sinn Fein member has been working for British Secret Services will shock the world.
The British secret services hatched a plan to kill Milosevic during the Bosnian war, but instead the idea was developed and used to kill the Princess, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul in Paris, claimed renegade MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson.
US spy David Rupert knowingly committed tax fraud by not declaring payments from the British secret services, the Omagh bomb civil action heard yesterday.
Andrei Lugovoy whom Russia is refusing to extradite to face trial for the murder in London of Alexander Litvinenko, claimed that the British secret services wanted to use his company as cover to get agents into Russia.
He spent several years in a Soviet prison camp as a traitor for helping the British Secret Services.
Mr Al Fayed, 71, is convinced the British secret services were responsible for the deaths.
And British secret services were implicated in the "global intelligence failure".
Why would the British secret services have gone to the trouble of creating five lengthy volumes when a couple of letters would have done?
He denied that his judgment had been affected by grief and said a wide-ranging British secret services conspiracy had kept him from the evidence he needed to prove his claims.
On the eve of the Second World War, anti-fascist reporter Carlo Weisz finds he's being pursued by the Italian, French and British secret services - then he falls in love.
The British secret services have become among the best in the world at listening into conversations through years of combating terrorism in Northern Ireland.
British Secret Services kept Margaret Thatcher in the dark about the spiralling costs of buying and refurbishing their new headquarters on the Thames, according to previously classified reports published today.
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