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an honorary English society (formalized in 1660 and given a royal charter by Charles II in 1662) through which the British government has supported science

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The Yemeni scientist received this global prestigious award at a ceremony held in London and attended by Yemeni ambassador to the UK, President of the Brain Trust Charity Tony Buzan and the Charity's Executive Director Raymond Nii, as well as members of the British Royal Society of Science and a number of princes and members of the British House of Lords.
Our data revealed an alarming trend," the authors reported in the British Royal Society journal Biology Letters.
First Lady Suzanne Mubarak cancelled a trip to London earlier this week, where she was to be honored at the British Royal Society of Medicine, to be with her grandson.
The academy has nine partners: The Ministry of Education, the Traffic Department, Safra Company, an affiliate of Xenel Group, Nissan Middle East, American National Academy (ANA), the British Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents, Jeddah Community Council, Arab Organization for Traffic Safety and United Sibak Company.
Only last week, the British Royal Society published a report warning about the risk of suicide terrorism and the possibility of nuclear shipments being sabotaged by terrorists, or worse, hijacked and used to make improvised nuclear weapons.
The excavation is financed by WWF Netherlands, the National Natural History Museum Naturalis, MTMD, University of Amsterdam-IBED, the British Royal Society, Percy Sladen Centenary Fund, BotanicAll, and the Geological Survey of the Netherlands/TNO.
Early scientific and scholarly publication was by a body usually under the patronage of royalty, aristocracy, church or state, such as the Academie Francaise, established in 1635, or the British Royal Society, which began publishing its Proceedings in the 17th century.
The British Royal Society has estimate that it would need an extra GBP1.
A series of papers published recently in the journal of the British Royal Society of Medicine argues that sexual transmissions accounts for just a third of Africa's AIDS cases.
The British Royal Society entered the fray with its September 1998 review of the Rowett studies.
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