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an elected member of the British Parliament: a member of the House of Commons

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Egyptian security escorted British MP George Galloway to take a flight out of the country on Friday and he was barred from returning after violent protests over an aid convoy he led into Gaza, MENA news agency said.
British MP George Galloway, who is travelling with the convoy, said: "We feel very sad that Egypt has turned us away on Christmas Day, but we hope they will reconsider.
Well, in the past few weeks, those of us fortunate enough to be living in Her Majesty's Kingdom have been treated to a show that has gone a long way to explaining why British MPs could be so snobbish: They've been living the high life on the largesse of the taxpayer by systematically abusing the parliamentary expenses system (see story on p.
BEIRUT: Speaker Nabih Berri met Tuesday with British MP George Galloway, who said outgoing French President Nicholas Sarkozy had been defeated in the country's recent election in part because he "committed many crimes against the Arab people.
Summary: Egyptian authorities told British MP George Galloway he was persona non grata on Friday
At least one British MP, Anne Widdecombe, a Catholic, expressed her horror at this ruling.
He equates today's Third World debt with slavery, that other terrible evil against which his great-great-great-grandfather, the British MP Thomas Buxton, campaigned successfully in the early 19th Century.
A British MP Wednesday dropped an intriguing hint that several UK telcos are just weeks away from announcing flat-rate unmetered internet access on a 24/7 basis, a pricing strategy unavailable anywhere in the UK except the city of Hull.
Jim Lawson, and British MP George Galloway will address the protestors, along with community leaders from around the country.
BORN HANK Williams, US country singer, 1923 ANNE Bancroft, US actress, 1931, above TESSA Jowell, British MP, 1947 DIED
THE European Union must demand Turkey to leave Cyprus as part of the obligation to protect its members, a British MP said on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Turkish invasion.
Richard Walton gave these remarks in a letter written to British MP Lord Nazir, who had sought an update on Dr Imran Farooq's murder investigation, according to media reports.
BEIRUT, (SANA) -- British MP George Galloway affirmed that the global war currently being waged on Syria is similar to the one waged against Egypt in 1956, voicing confidence that Syria will be victorious over this war under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad similar to the victory of the late Jamal Abdelnasser.
The 220- truck convoy, led by British MP George Galloway, will stay in Jordan for two days and then move on Thursday to Rafah crossing via Aqaba and the Egyptian port of Nweibe.
Last week, the issue of the islands - Abu Mousa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs - was raised by British MP John Grogan for the first time since 1971.
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