British Labour Party

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a political party formed in Great Britain in 1900

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According to Vanity Fair magazine, Murdoch's wife of 14-years reportedly praised Blair's "good body and really really good legs", however, the British Labour Party politician has always denied he had an affair with Deng.
He highlighted the government's policies and strategies based on boosting cooperation with those institutions, praising in this regard the pioneering role played by the British Labour Party and its keenness on fostering friendship and cooperation in all fields.
The British Labour party has staked its ground on health in an election year, with a promise to hire 36,000 more staff, repeal privatisation laws and recruit an extra 5000 care workers
1893: The Independent British Labour Party was formed by Keir Hardie.
There was no prouder moment in my life than when John Smith, a man from modest roots in Argyll and representing a large swathe of industrial Lanarkshire, became the leader of the British Labour Party.
He was a consultant to Ehud Barak's campaign for prime minister of Israel in 1999; and to the British Labour Party in its 2001 and 2005 parliamentary campaigns.
Historically, the British Labour Party vaunted its Zionist credentials.
British Labour Party politician and MP for Islington North Jeremy Corbyn told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he voted against the bombing of Iraq when Westminister was voting for military strikes and said, "I voted against not because I support in anyway ISIL.
BANNU -- PTI MNAs\' along with British Labour Party Pakistani member visited IDPs camp and inquired district administration about the well-being of the people who are coming from North Waziristan.
The British Labour party nationalised major portions of British industry, believing at the time that this was preferable to the private management of these industries.
LONDON, Nov 27 (KUNA) -- British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn affirmed Thursday that he cannot back Prime Minister David Cameron's proposals for airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) in Syria.
BONO has teamed up with former British Labour Party member Douglas Alexander to tackle global poverty.
Hilary Benn, a British Labour Party leader has also expressed his concern over the situation.
Dubai: With the British Labour Party beginning to elect a new party leader, the legacy of Tony Blair is casting a long shadow over its future.
THE British Labour Party is on the verge of splitting up, with Scottish Labour wanting to go its own way.
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