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Teachers joined in as well as sporting everything from British Isles day T shirts to shamrock ear rings.
Increasing competition and a shortage of quality staff threaten offshore banks in the British Isles
Experts plan to use a tooth from an upper jaw to establish whether the closest relative of modern humans lived on the British Isles later than it was once thought.
While Schwarzenegger spent six days in China, Shaw worked European investors and markets for six months, mostly in the British Isles.
It can be easy to forget that the characters are from the British Isles when reading the books; but hearing the many accents adds another layer to the listener's enjoyment.
Furgueson, who currently serves as president and chief operating officer of Ace Europe, will oversee Ace's strategic expansion into the British Isles.
set immigration quotas that favored the British Isles and Western Europe and allowed for inspections of immigrants in their home countries.
Two hundred years after its completion as the first Anglican cathedral built outside the British Isles, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec City was rededicated during a special homecoming weekend.
Still on our British Isles tour, the relatively new Irish site Archeire, aka Irish Architecture Online at www.
Measured Endings: How Productions from 1720 to 1929 Close Shakespeare's Open Silences in Measure for Measure"; Shaughnessy, Robert, "Shakespearean Utopias"; Smallwood, Robert, "Shakespearian Performances in England, 1999"; Rathbone, Niky, "Professional Shakespeare Productions in the British Isles, January-December 1998.
IT was reported this week that the 2007 edition of the Folens world atlas has removed references to the British Isles - after an Irish geography teacher complained that the Republic had been included in the British Isles entry.
PUBLISHERS have agreed to wipe out the British Isles in an Irish school atlas after angry parents complained.
This collection of twenty-five essays is in effect a replacement of Peter Trudgill's Language in the British Isles first published in 1984.
Arrangements are well in hand for the British Isles Championships and International Series, which is to be held at the Thornaby Indoor Bowls Club early in March.
Sykes, the founder of an organization that sequences individuals' DNA so they can explore their roots, here recounts the genetic history of the people of the British Isles.
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