British Commonwealth

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an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown

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A second British Commonwealth Nurses' War Memorial Fund scholarship has been awarded to Southland Hospital associate clinical nurse leader, surgical services, Lisa Blackler.
In essence the British Commonwealth of Nations was the framework within which the self-governing colonies--or Dominions, as they were styled after 1907--came to independence.
When his proposal was rejected, he then asked if France could join the British Commonwealth - which Eden was surprisingly enthusiastic about.
Commonwealth citizens, who have lived, worked and contributed to the UK for many years and who have historic links through the British Commonwealth going back hundreds of years, are now facing deportation to make room for East European citizens from countries that joined the European Union only months ago.
Then it was virtually made up of dancers from Britain and the British Commonwealth.
British Commonwealth Web Equipment 1871-1944: Reprints of All Major British Commonwealth Load Carrying Equipment Instructions 1871-1944, Landers Publishing, PO Box 3082, Dural NSW 2158, (02) 9651 2645, ISBN 1-876713-14-3.
This latest evidence of the upsurge in writing on Britain's naval history and her Empire looks at the 'maritime aspect' of the Empire's growth and transformation into the British Commonwealth.
He has since won eight consecutive fights and the European and British Commonwealth middleweight championships.
Malaysian camp programs date back to the 1960s when Malaysia was a member of the British Commonwealth.
It is the white dominions of the British Commonwealth, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
This work on the world stage paved the way for his appointment as one of the seven-member Eminent Persons Group set up in 1985 by the British Commonwealth to try to resolve the apartheid crisis in South Africa.
A record of 222 entires from all over the British Commonwealth offered great range and variety.
Traditionally, the British army had held alliances with armies around the world, but it could only formalize such relationships with British Commonwealth countries.
Taiwan signed an agreement Monday on avoiding double taxation and tax evasion with Britain in what could pave the way for similar pacts with other members of the European Union (EU) and the British Commonwealth, Taiwan Foreign Ministry officials said Tuesday.
Finally, however, reason prevailed and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was born.
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