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Although prayers delivered in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia prior to the Speech from the Throne do not perfectly represent the religiosity of British Columbian society, this has not been a matter of widespread public contention.
The British Columbian Premier, Christy Clark, joined Xstrata Coal and JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp.
Framed against widescreen British Columbian landscapes, an engaging cast delivers laid-back nationalistic humor too innocuous to enthuse ands in Gotham, where the pic bowed July 15.
In 1965 the locomotive and coach were sold to a Canadian businessman and later found a home at Fort Steele - a Canadian "Beamish" - after purchase by the British Columbian Government.
Reyat is accused of lying under oath 19 times in September 2003, during testimony at the Air India terrorism trial of Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri, the two British Columbian men who were subsequently acquitted of all charges.
Nonetheless, Counting on Hope powerfully describes this period of cultural collision and colonization in British Columbian history and should appeal to readers with an interest in western historical fiction.
I enjoyed the comparisons of each epoch or wave of new influences on Canada's evolution to the transformation masks invented by the British Columbian Haida tribes.
The COC also received 20 tickets to help past British Columbian Olympians to attend the Opening Ceremony.
The Rental Assistance Program, it is estimated, will help up to 15,000 British Columbian families.
British Columbian Eve Smith, who died in 1988, was a passionate environmentalist, peace activist, naturalist, lobbyist and letter writer.
This was a population-based study using the British Columbia Health Registry, so the participants mirror the general British Columbian population.
A British Columbian (Canada) raised by hippie-like parents and home-schooled since the first grade, Alice MacLeod blames her upbringing and alternative schooling for making her the social misfit she is today.
To assess the impact of a British Columbian salmon farm that harbors sea lice, researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton examined juvenile wild pink and chum salmon at points along migration corridors that pass close to the farm.
THE BRITISH Columbian government may halt imports of American wine to the province in retaliation for US restrictions on softwood lumber according B.
The proposed coal-mining development along Glacier's north edge at Cabin Creek, a tributary of North Fork of the Flathead River, halted in late May when Richard Neufeld, the British Columbian Minister of Energy and Mines, announced open-pit coal mines would not be allowed and that the area would be spared from future development.
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