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The University of British Columbia (UBC), located in the Pacific Rim gateway of Vancouver, Canada, ranks in the top 10 of North American universities in technology licensing and commercialization, and generates more U.
K'noowenchoot Centre, for the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Advanced Education, and Human Resources Development Canada, National Literacy Secretariat.
Wyn Developments wishes to reiterate that the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission has reviewed the well data and approved the reclassification of the C-36-A well through the process described herein.
In addition, Anglo Pacific has other private coal interests in the Groundhog district and also at Trefi in British Columbia.
Developed by the Ministry for Children and Families in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, Province of British Columbia.
Making the connection: food security and public health, submitted to the Ministry of Health Services and the Health Authorities of British Columbia by the Community Nutritionists Council of BC.
In addition, the combined company would control 100% of the Belcourt and Saxon properties in northeastern British Columbia.
The touch-screen GeoStations provide visitors with instant access to in-depth geographic information on scores of locations in British Columbia.
Vancouver : British Columbia, Legal Services Society, Community and Aboriginal Programs, ISBN 0-7726-5142-6
Included in the 19 projects is the creation of the Green Power Corridor, a series of non-storage hydroelectric projects in southwestern BC, which hold the potential to catapult British Columbia to the forefront of green energy generation in North America.
Kempf said the subsidized system has "cost both British Columbia and the U.
Novel avian influenza H7N3 strain outbreak, British Columbia.
We believe the dominant political, social, economic and justice issue in the life of British Columbia for the next 10 years will be the relationship of aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples and cultures," read the letter.
Tourists jam Glendale Lodge in Knight Inlet, British Columbia, every fall to witness grizzlies feeding on pink salmon migrating upriver to spawn.
Some Native Americans living in British Columbia still collect and prepare the lily bulbs according to the ancient recipes, says Turner, who describes the taste of the bulbs as mild and sweet.
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