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Clearly, both the tenure and temper of Alexander Dalrymple, appointed in 1795 as the first Hydrographer of the British Admiralty, were under strain.
For the duration of the war, British Columbia served as a rear base combining production and repair facilities at the call of the British Admiralty.
From 1848 until the discovery of the remains of his crew 10 years later, Lady Franklin waged a war of constant correspondence with politicians, the British Admiralty, and even the president of the United States with the aim of sending yet more ships to find her husband, whom she had reason to hope was still alive.
Johnston, British Admiralty Charts Special Collection http://nla.
An admirable adventure about the British admiralty.
Second, after the disastrous seaborne offensive at Gallipoli in the First World War, which Churchill had rammed through over the protests of his own subordinates at the British admiralty, he decided that, in the future, he would give the utmost consideration to what his "experts" told him.
From pre-Columbian Amerindian cosmography through the richness of medieval mappae mundi, from Japanese portolans to the barrage of 19th-century British Admiralty charts, maps made and manipulated an expanding realm of understanding.
It goes under the waves with the U-boat which sank her and behind the scenes at the British Admiralty, where Winston Churchill was First Lord.
But in September 1918 a committee at the British Admiralty decided there was no evidence that Dazzle worked.
During the quarter-century Reilly spent working for--but not always with--the British he posed as a priest to obtain essential Persian oil concessions for the British Admiralty, worked as a welder in a German war plant so that he could purloin naval secrets, and infiltrated a wartime meeting of the German High Command by assuming the identity of a German colonel he had killed.
He won prizes for workmanship at the Paris Show and supplied watches to the British Admiralty.
role of the British Admiralty in waging war against Napoleon, but not
Hundreds of small vessels came to the aid of the British Admiralty in 1940 and helped to rescue about 338,000 soldiers from capture by the Germans.
On November 14, 1804, navy cartographer and navigator Matthew Flinders wrote to the British Admiralty to report on his exploration of the country, marking the first complete chart of its coastline "Australia".
Forester, creator of the indomitable Captain Horatio Hornblower, master of the 36-gun frigate HMS Lydia, during the Napoleonic Wars (1804-1815), here follows Hornblower on a secret mission for the British Admiralty.
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