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Synonyms for Briticism

an expression that is used in Great Britain (especially as contrasted with American English)

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Pearson claims, "leaving in Briticisms adds an unnecessary level of confusion and detracts from a story's universality.
Americanisms or Briticisms fill lexical or semantic gaps in German and there are numerous cases where they are to be preferred for stylistic purposes as they convey American or British colour, precision, brevity, vividness, tone or simply variation of expression (see Viereck 2004 for a rather detailed treatment of the impact of English on German from a historical and a linguistic perspective).
She even reconciled my effete sophomoric Briticisms such as theatre, centre and humour with our own good ol' all-American spellings.
Of course, Read might have done more, and he was disappointed that he never brought his proposed Dictionaries of Briticisms to completion.
The dissension between Anglo-Saxon and Latinate poetry--despite the Briticisms of Rimbaud himself and Eliot's erotic tropisms toward Laforgue and co.
The depictions of the Halls are accurate and humorous, and while Briticisms fly thick and fast, they add to the atmosphere and don't get too much in the way of American readers.
Read, however, in later years undertook to write a comprehensive dictionary of Briticisms, and in time turned over his materials to John Algeo.