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Synonyms for Britain

Synonyms for Britain

a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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If the situation became too chaotic for the police, we will definitely call for the army to come and help," Kikaya Bin Karubi, Congo's ambassador to Britian and a top official in Kabila's camp, told Reuters.
His Royal Highness the Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa sent a similar cable to Queen Elizabeth II where he expressed his best wishes of happiness and good health, hailing the deep relations of cooperation in all sectors between the Great Britian and the Kingdom.
Foreign Minister Ayalon: Legal loophole in Britian should be dealt with to prevent arrest warrants against Israeli officials]]>
In Britian, John Broadwood (1732-1812) was the first to produce and distribute the square piano in large numbers.
of Hollis, NH; manager of antiques shows for charities throughout New England; and arranger and manager of tours in Great Britian.
James Drake is drumming up support for a petition to Tony Blair demanding that foie gras is banned from sale in Britian.
Here British journalist Melanie Phillips links the rise of terrorist actions to the fall of Western values and European identity, led by Britian itself, offering up a vivid documentation of terrorism growing in our own backyard.
Great Britian also took the team trophy, although rest will now be the priority with just light training planned before preparing for the WPC World Championships Lake George, New York, during the first week of November.
New Britian, CT 06051, phone: (860) 229-9994, Web site: www.
OLYMPICS: New York was cleared by the IOC ethics commission of breaking any rules in bidding for the 2012 Olympics by offering a late package of benefits that included $50,000 in subsidies to each Olympic body toward the cost of using a pre-games training facility in Britian.
Britian, France, Japan, and other Visa Waiver Program countries have received some welcomed news: The deadline for biometric, or machine-readable, passports for travelers entering the United States has been extended.
AN IRISH Catholic man who started a campaign to ban a Pope burning ceremony in Britian has been sent death threats.
Researchers from the University of Northumbria in Great Britian tested 75 people, giving some gum and some none, while others chomped on air as if they had gum.
The World Indoors in Birmingham from March 14-16 will be Jackson's last appearance in a Great Britian team vest.
European consumers are increasingly health conscious, and health concerns have triggered a decline in beef consumption -- especially in Great Britian.