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a former province of northwestern France on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay

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Young citizen winner Britanny Byrnes is a fine example of the better side of British youth and we're all proud of her.
A Vibrio splendidus strain is associated with summer mortalities of juvenile oysters Crassostrea gigas in the Bay of Morlaix (North Britanny, France).
Spies in the kitchen tell me that the head chef hails from Britanny, and the menu is indicative that there is someone in the kitchen who is fusing classic and traditional French cuisine with a Mediterranean touch.
It was an exceedingly good day for Britanny Hochevar and Jennifer Fopma.
MacArthur, who was in Britanny on board a boat welcoming Joyon home, was quick not to rule out trying to reclaim the record, admitting that just hearing updates of the Frenchman's voyage made her want to take to sea again.
He's forced to leave behind his family and sweetheart Britanny Murphy and hook up with party-loving penguins led by Ramon (Robin Williams).
With 20,000 Welsh fans set to head for Britanny to cheer on our boys in the World Cup, CATHERINE EVANS reveals just what Cardiff's twin city Nantes has to offer.
The Spanish Intervention in Britanny and the Failure of Philip II's Bid for European Hegemony, 1589-1598.
We had travelled from Cork into Roscoff in neighbouring Brittany a few days earlier on the incredible new Britanny Ferries Pont-Aven in the lap of luxury.
The roads to Paris, and to Britanny and its ports, were finally open.
We are grateful to Britanny Huntington and David Valencia for their assistance and tireless effort both in the field and in the lab.
Space, subjectivity, power and hegemony: Megaliths and long mounds in early Neolithic Britanny, in C.