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Synonyms for Britain

Synonyms for Britain

a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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Dee opens his defense by replying to the objection that the Roman histories are silent on the Trojan stock of Britain.
Caesar's commentary on his expedition to Britain seems inconsistent, says Dee; how could the Britons be impressively skilled only in warfare?
Throughout Wye's defense, arguments on behalf of monumental continuity serve only to remind us of our deprivation of sources to corroborate Geoffrey or to shed any light on pre-Roman Britain.
The British bardic annals, rich with stories of important events, were unknown to the Romans, who, when they bothered to record anything about Britain, did so only to advance their own glory: "though the Romans here / So noble Trophies left, as verie worthie were / A people great as they, yet did they ours neglect, / Long rear'd ere they arr',v'd" (327-30).
Thus, in Song 6, as in 1 and 4, bards are strongly argued to be instrumental in establishing continuity with ancient Britain.
Such a reproach of the bards for their negligence affirms that in the competition between Britain and the classics for national prestige, Britain is sorely disadvantaged by its dearth of texts.
20) It did not afford Renaissance scholars a text with which to corroborate Geoffrey, or unveil the mysteries of pre-Roman or Roman Britain.
21) Of course, whatever he could have known would not have provided him with a source for Roman or pre-Roman Britain.
For example, the ability of Drayton's unique muse to travel everywhere in Britain and see everything, past and present, seems to recall "Taliesin," who is fond of boasting about the miraculous journeys he has made.