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Synonyms for Britain

Synonyms for Britain

a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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The story goes on to tell how good King Ludd freed the island of Britain from all three plagues and lived in peace all the days of his life.
Now, long long ago, before the Romans came to Britain, some of the people who lived in that part of France sailed across the sea and settled in Britain.
He was filled with the love of his land, and he made up his mind to write a history of the kings of Britain.
He begins with the coming of Brutus, the ancient hero who conquered Albion and changed its name to Britain, and he continues to about two hundred years after the death of Arthur.
In this respect our situation bears another likeness to the insular advantage of Great Britain.
Dana, that 'it is certainly a wonderful fact that New Zealand should have a closer resemblance in its crustacea to Great Britain, its antipode, than to any other part of the world.
1970: GREAT BRITAIN 7 AUSTRALIA 12 Australia lost 11-4 to Great Britain in the group stages and qualified for the final only on points difference.
So her gambit last night was to suggest she may yet insist on an earlier cut-off date for new arrivals to Britain.
Prime Minister May and I are very committed to having an early free trade agreement put in place so that when Britain leaves the EU, we have very open markets between Australia and Britain," Turnbull told reporters on the sidelines of a G20 summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.
Re-launched in 2004 after a fiveyear absence from the calendar, the Tour of Britain is British Cycling's premier road cycling event giving fans the opportunity to see the world's best teams and riders compete on their doorstep.
To leverage the global fascination with James Bond and the international exposure the film affords to potential visitors to Britain, VisitBritain is launching a global Bond is GREAT Britain film tourism campaign in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios.
Britain signed up to EU rules in 2009 allowing EU nationals living and working there to receive such benefits, while British citizens living abroad can receive benefits in those countries.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, VisitBritain Manager Carol Maddison said that Britain has always been a popular destination for tourists from Qatar and VisitBritain wants to ensure that travel agents in Qatar are fully aware of all the attractions that the UK has to offer so that they can help their customers capitalise on all available opportunities.
But despite global coverage of the Torch relay through some picturesque spots, the global view of Britain as being "rich in natural beauty" barely improved.
Britain supported and hosted movements with ideologies that contradict with the British policies.