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an industrial city and port in southwestern England near the mouth of the River Avon

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Eddie Chambers is an independent curator and writer of art criticism based in Bristol, England.
This is one of the findings in a new report "Single ply roofing membranes and insulation" by Corporate Development Consultants of Bristol, England.
MARKHAM, Ontario and BRISTOL, England, October 14 /PRNewswire/ --
This lengthy story begins in Bristol, England, in 1722.
Gill of the Institute of Neurosciences in Bristol, England, embedded two hockey-puck-size pumps loaded with GDNF under the skin of each patient's abdomen.
It was all the more remarkable that this Bristol, England, collective flawlessly executed this drum-and-bass music live, making it the only act on this level to perform what is usually relegated only to DJs in underground clubs.
The 43-year-old Bristol, England, native began his gaming industry career in 1970, after two years in retail management at a department store in his native Bristol.
BRISTOL, England -- ClearSpeed Technology (LSE:CSD), the world leader in acceleration technology for high performance computing (HPC), today announced that the company is part of a $1.
Another paper on the subject, by Hoi-Kwong Lo of Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Bristol, England, and H.
NASDAQ: BTRE) today announced the sale of its Bristol Development Center located in Bristol, England, to a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Electronic Corp.
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