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small slow-growing upland pine of western United States (Rocky Mountains) having dense branches with fissured rust-brown bark and short needles in bunches of 5 and thorn-tipped cone scales

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Literally nothing is older than a bristlecone pine tree: The oldest and longest-living species on the planet, these pine trees normally are found clinging to bare rocky landscapes of alpine or near-alpine mountain slopes.
Speaking on the appointment Yargop, President, Information Technology Sector & CTO, Mahindra Group, said: "We are pleased to appoint Irfan Khan to lead Bristlecone into its next phase of growth and innovation.
But his focus will shift to growing Bristlecone Holdings into a national financing solution for retailers and consumers in several underserved industries.
Bristlecone pine tree rings showed that many earlier, uncorrected carbon-14 dates were centuries too old.
Bristlecone pines are the oldest single organisms on Earth.
Prior to icon-scm, he held a variety of leadership roles in the supply chain domain at i2 (now JDA), PwC, Savi, and Bristlecone, always focused on how best to enable customers to unlock the value of their technology investments.
The Awards Dinner Celebration was made possible through the generous support of the event's Title Sponsor TSMC; VIP Sponsor Model N; Networking Reception Sponsor Samsung; as well as general sponsors Advantest, Amkor Technology, ARM, ASE Group, Bristlecone, Broadcom, Cadence Design Systems, CSR, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, IBM, Integrated Device Technology (IDT), J.
This premier event is scheduled for July 2-4 at ARIA's Bristlecone Ballroom.
The Mahindra Group already has a substantial presence in the United States with IT companies, Tech Mahindra and Bristlecone and the world s number one selling tractor brand based on volume, Mahindra USA.
ANNUAL ATTENDANCE 90,000 WHY IT'S AWESOME California's Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks have giant trees, but this park has ancient ones--like 4,000-year-old Great Basin bristlecone pines.
No, not Aerosmith--it's a 4,723-year-old bristlecone pine (Pinus called the Methuselah Tree.
In this, it probably edges out the giant sequoia but not the bristlecone pine, which lives up to 4,800 years.
ON a desolate mountain-top in California lives the world's oldest living organism - a gnarled and twisted bristlecone pine named Methuselah.
In 1984 LaMarche and Hirschboeck suggested that frost rings in bristlecone pines were sometimes due to climatic upset caused by explosive volcanism.
I'd recently seen the Bristlecone Pines at Wheeler Peak