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capital and largest city of Queensland state

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Brisbanites took cover on higher ground with some even stacking furniture on their roofs.
Sydneysiders, it is true, may express surprise, but Melburnians and Brisbanites rarely do.
6) Gertrude and Karl Langer, Viennese intellectuals, refugees from fascist Europe, brought a cosmopolitan outlook to Brisbane and a conscious mentoring of the young of the city with their regular lectures on European art and culture, exposing Brisbanites to the latest developments from overseas at a time when very few Australians had any similar access.
We may be inland from the coast but Brisbanites have created their own sandy beach and swimming lagoon on the banks of the river.
An estimated 2 million Brisbanites will be affected by the severe flooding which will inevitably affect food costs and taxes.