Bright's disease

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an inflammation of the kidney

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The old captain died in 1886 impoverished and suffering from Bright's disease.
3,19] Despite the fact that this procedure is not currently in vogue, renal decapsulation later developed interest and its merits reviewed in CMAJ in 1940 as a treatment for various inflammatory conditions of the kidneys including Bright's disease.
However, he fell ill with Bright's disease and, despite the best of treatment in London hospitals, within five years he was dead, at the age of 49.
On certain points in the anatomy and pathology of Bright's disease.
He died on January 18, 1954 from the effects of diabetes and Bright's Disease.
However he was released from Dartmoor Prison on the grounds of ill-health and died of Bright's Disease in 1917, aged 43.
Whatever the proximate cause, little could be done for Bright's disease.
When Shlenker died of Bright's Disease at the age of 48 in 1913, the Vicksburg Evening News reported on its front page, "A pall of sorrow was cast over the entire community this morning when the news of the death of Mr.
Despite an exceptional career, Colonel Young was medically retired in 1917 for high blood pressure and Bright's disease purportedly incurred during his attache service in Liberia.