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  • noun

Synonyms for bride



  • wife
  • newly-wed
  • marriage partner

Words related to bride

a woman who has recently been married

a woman participant in her own marriage ceremony

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Asian brides nowadays, they refer to something a bit less in terms of detailing, and nothing that is too much of tradition elements on it," Mandagie revealed.
The collection of sweet romances features 50 mail-order bride stories, each one focused on a different state.
A: We have to make clothes for brides who have deep aspirations from us as designers.
This is the first question Samar asks brides who call her, wanting to book her for their henna day.
Each of the brides has been taking part in a physical fitness boot camp throughout the season, and the final taping will include more tests of each bride's physical fortitude.
They found that the trend of brides keeping their surname increased from the start of their study in 1975 to the mid-1980s, plateauing in the late 1990s.
Women's Healthcare and Bride Home, running alongside The Bride Show Dubai, broaden the appeal for visitors as brides and young women take an active interest in their health and wellbeing, particularly in preparation for their wedding, and newlywed couples start to decorate their marital homes.
uk, says the average dress costs pounds 800 - but with the nation tightening its belt, brides are looking for cheaper alternatives.
Brides need to be told why spending more money on an item is worth it.
Fresh Fitness Boot Camp in Encino doesn't have boot camps specifically for brides, but many members are getting ready for weddings.
Travel costs, change of culture, language barriers ( just some of the problems that can face men who opt for brides abroad.
Some six years later, Powell, 28, would keep her promise to her father when she and Bonner, 31, launched Brides Noir from their Chicago home office.
Honeymoon costs have risen 5pc over the same period to pounds 3,571, with the hottest destinations being Asia and the Far East, according to research by Brides magazine.
2) The popularization of this tradition, however, is not merely a story of hapless brides and grooms influenced by advertising, buying new types of consumer goods as soon as they appeared in jeweler's windows displayed in new contraptions such as the Rings-O-Bliss tray that allowed retailers to show the two wedding bands together as a set.
Filled with information about wedding gowns and garb from African-influenced to contemporary and traditional, as well as rips about makeup, wedding lingerie accessories, men's wedding attire and more, her guide is a valuable source for today's brides and wedding consultants.