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money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride

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and who constituted a source of usually pliant (but sometimes explosive) supporters for men like Ruge to manipulate with promises of brideprice support and land.
The program consisted of a dialogic discussion on rape, and a skit on forced marriage and brideprice.
Several calamities could put a household into a downward spiral from which it would be difficult to recover simply by reallocating other resources (such as by trading small stock, intensifying agricultural production, selling labour or exchanging offspring for brideprice or dowry).
The groom's family pay a brideprice to the girl's family, usually a number of pigs and other items; nowadays cash forms part of the transaction and education adds to a girl's value.
In fact, earlier in the play, when Mirza and Mahmut are still trying to come to an agreement over the brideprice for Gulsum, Mirza quite blatantly draws on images of his sister's sexuality to increase his bargaing power.
Nasarian's interest in education makes her unfit to obtain a large brideprice, and she is sent to a cousin where she will care for his daughter and study for her A-level examinations.
Indeed, the special meaning or significance attached to ritual transfers such as dowries or brideprice should warn us against asset-transfer interventions that are designed without paying attention to cultural contexts.
The positive and negative contributions which the practice of brideprice, or bridewealth make, can be considered from different viewpoints.
The inflation of local prices, compensation claims and brideprice has led to bickering between clans and ethnic groups over payouts.
Onitsha paid her brideprice and they decided that she should have her circumcision before she moved to Lagos where it might be hard to get it done.
It makes sense also in terms of kinship relations because they are related, and they have to respect the adat regulations for birth, marriage, brideprice and inheritance of property as well as in other circumstances of social life such as legal cases and adat fines.
This happens routinely after marriage, and women from decimated kin groups are taken as wives in this polygamous society, without brideprice having to be paid.
When we need to pay the brideprice he will make a big contribution.
The opposition Thurnwald drew between the Banaro (no hierarchy, practice of sister-exchange) and the Buin of Bougainville (chiefs, practice of marriage with brideprice paid in shell-money) contributed to his evolutionist reconstruction of Melanesian societies (Juillerat 1993a and b).